Expanded Wafer Analysis Capabilities
at Swift Glass 

Expanded-Wafer-Analysis-500x652Swift Glass now has the capability of high-speed, high-precision metrology for 300-millimeter glass and silicon wafers with the addition of a Tropel® FlatMaster® MSP-300 (Multi-Surface Profiler) to our suite of machinery.

Our eBook, Expanded Wafer Analysis Capabilities at Swift Glass, explores how our equipment and expertise give us a wide range of wafer analysis capabilities. These include the following:

  • Frequency Scanning Interferometry (FSI), a measurement technique known for its precision and capabilities for simultaneous, absolute distance measurements along multiple lines of sight
  • In depth data analysis, including the ability to generate 3D, contour, histogram, slice, circumferential, radial, and wafer analysis plots
  • The ability to accurately analyze a variety of surfaces, such as wire sawn, lapped, polished, ground, and super-finished

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